My Morning Routine – Probably Not What You Think

Yep, this is the fabled ‘morning routine’ post that everyone else seems to have down to a tee.

I, however, do not have a glorious morning routine involving exercise and coffee and face washing and general wellbeing.


Instead, my morning routine consists of the following:

  1. Alarm goes off and I reach for it with the enthusiasm of a sloth.
  2. Snooze is set and I am ready for another 10 minutes of bliss.
  3. Alarm goes off again, this time I switch it off and question whether another 10 minutes in bed is worth the run I will shortly be doing for the bus. The answer is an obvious yes and suddenly I am on Instagram.
  4. 10 more minutes in bed and it’s now 5 minutes before I need to leave. As you can see, my alarms are always set with the greatest intentions.
  5. Clothes prepared the night before (because this is a legit routine and I prepare for my failings) go straight on and I rush to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
  6. Depending on which day it is, I either tie my hair up in a pony tail or smash it with dry shampoo. Either way, an attempt to cover up the lack of washing is made.
  7. Double check I don’t look too bad and decide the ‘morning breeze’ will wake up my skin.
  8. Grab my keys, purse, phone, headphones and rush through the door to get the bus/walk depending on how
    much breeze I need.




Some days I will actually get up and have a coffee though this normally means that I’m ill and haven’t actually been to sleep, so I’m not sure it counts.

I’m hoping this routine will change at some point (yep, yep the change comes from within, cool, thanks) but right now, I am just not interested. At the moment I am definitely not a morning person, though it would be cool to see if I could get up early enough to exercise before work…


Baby steps, though. A morning where I can take a leisurely stroll to the bathroom to get ready and maybe even put a bit of mascara on would be a good start.

I’ll come back to you with how that goes in a couple of months or so, but until then-

*hits snooze*


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