New Music Monday – Regina Spektor

I know, I know. Regina Spektor is not new music, as such. I just wanted a platform to speak about how much she inspires me! If you haven’t listened to her songs yet then hopefully this will prompt you to do so.


Regina Spektor speaks so much truth through things she makes up it’s hard not to feel endeared and in awe. Her songs are often a crash course in how to make you feel, be it through words, melody, harmony or arrangements.

Three of my all-time favourite Regina Spektor songs [Loveology, School Is Out and I Cut Off My Hair] aren’t even on any album releases yet. That’s how good she is. They’re either live recordings or studio demos and I think that speaks bounds for her creativity and passion for music. She isn’t short of fantastic songs to release so, if it isn’t the right time to spruce them up and pop them on an album, she doesn’t do it. Such care and dedication to her craft is what makes her such an inspiring and extraordinary musician.


Each show I have seen has been better and better, too. You only have to look on YouTube to see the quality of her performances and how they only seem to get better. When you have practiced more throughout the years it seems like a natural progression, but, it is so easy to rest on your laurels reaching heights she has. That, coupled with having a baby, you’d think there’d be room for a dip in form. But no, she’s stronger than ever and writing even more incredible music on top of the archive she currently has floating around on the internet.

If I were to direct you to anywhere in particular when starting to listen to Regina, I’d say listen to these few songs first:

Bleeding Heart – From her most recent album, it encapsulates everything that I love about Regina. Her quirkiness, love and care shines through in the video, lyrics and melody. Her words resonate but it’s more direct than some of her the other songs. There is no nuance, no deciphering a wild imagination, just a reassuring nod and a little wake up call for those who need it.


Dance Anthem of the 80’s – From her 2009 album Far, it introduces elements of Regina’s quirkiness (mmm, ts ts, mmm, ts ts ahhhh!) but is still a lovely, melodic song with a deeper meaning than the surface gives away.

Us – A blast from the past and one of her most famous songs due to it being on 500 Days Of Summer soundtrack. A simple, easy to listen to number that gives an insight into some of her songwriting genius. Stuck on how to give your chorus some edge? Sing it low first and higher later on! Mumford & Sons must be big Regina fans.


The Light – From her latest album showing she’s still got it. This performance on Jools Holland is so human and raw, by no means perfect but full of emotion and that is what I love about her. Everything is done with care, attention and passion. It’s a beautiful song lyrically and melodically, with lines that really resonate though they’re the simplest of words –

“I know the morning is wiser than the nighttime
I know there’s nothing wrong, I shouldn’t feel so down
So many things I know, but they don’t help me
Each day I open up my eyes to look around”

What are your favorite Regina songs? What recommended listening do you have? Leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Peace & love, always


2 thoughts on “New Music Monday – Regina Spektor

  1. Hey I love Regina too! I would like to add Tornadoland from RUTL and Carbon Monoxide from Soviet kitsch to your list of recommended songs. The first is all moody strings and atmosphere with gorgeous vocals layered on top, and the other is raw, powerhouse simplicity. Both achieve an emotional connection with me that I love.

    1. Yes! Carbon Monoxide is such a beautiful song, my goodness. So emotional. And she is on top form with RUTL, I’m always in awe at just how good her songwriting is. Always finding new things, too! Hoping to get tickets to see her this year 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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