New Music Monday – Interview with NaElla

From the inseparability of their voices to starting their own gospel choir, I recently spoke to NaElla about their beautiful, upcoming single, ‘In A Place’. Here’s what they had to say…

Hey guys! So, let’s get straight to it, what inspired In A Place? How did you go about writing it?
During one of our writing sessions, we fell into deep conversation concerning matters of the heart. We were surprised to find that we were both experiencing difficulties in our relationships. Pen to paper, this gave birth to ‘In a Place’.

And what’s it about?
‘In A Place’ travels through our roller coaster of emotions, beginning with feelings of being overwhelmed and confused which then transition into feelings of hope and optimism. We wrote this song to remind ourselves that we are in control of the way we deal with trials. Despite life’s chaos, we must learn to put ourselves in a place of peace, knowing that we’ll always overcome – an attitude which can only be accomplished through Christ.

Who produced the track?
‘In A Place’ was produced by a talented friend of ours. We went to the same college and studied the same course. He now runs a label called ‘Captain’ through which he has produced the likes of Victizzle music, Iyanya, Rachel Kerr and Wande Coal. You can check him out on Instagram!

Did you always want to sing together?
Singing alone has never been an option. We have always known that the beauty of our sound is in the seamless blend of both our voices. There have been occasions where we’ve had to sing alone, but it’s never had the same affect. This just goes to emphasise the value of us singing together in order to give the best and reach our full potential.

“Just watching the way she leads her own life is an inspiration enough”

How long have you been singing? 
We’ve been singing for as long as we’ve been able to speak. We also get comments on the way we talk because even that sounds melodic. A friend once referred to our speech as “dulcet”, in other words, soothing to the ear. Singing is such a part of us that it slips through most of the things we do.

Do you write your songs together? Are there plans for an EP/album?
Yes, we write most of our songs together. As briefly mentioned earlier, we often set time aside to sit down together and write. Sometimes, one of us may have already written a chorus to which we will then develop together to create a full song. Yes, we are currently in the process of compiling an EP. We have most of the material for this but are still writing a few more songs to complete it.

What’s your most memorable performance? 
That would have to be when we performed at the University of Brighton’s ACS Show amongst the likes of Shakka. We performed Beyoncé’s – Ave Maria and Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. We were cheered on and supported by many in the audience including friends and family which really encouraged us and gave us the energy to perform our very best. We also recieved a lot of positive feedback and left feeling very confident and proud in our gift.

Are you performing anywhere soon?
Not at the moment. We are looking to get back into performing now that we have a few songs written and recorded. It would be great to perform some original material.

 “It would be wonderful to create a platform that people from different walks of life, can come together”

Favourite artists at the minute? 
Our favourite artists at the moment would have to be ‘The Walls Group’. Apart from the fact that they make amazing music, we see alot in them that we can relate to. They are siblings who love harmonies and write to edify the kingdom of God.

Biggest inspiration in your lives? 
After God, our mother. She is truly our biggest fan. She never fails to offer the best advice whilst pushing and encouraging us to make the very best out of the talents God has given us. Just watching the way she leads her own life is an inspiration enough. She is currently studying at University after putting many of her dreams on hold to cater to her six children, single handedly. She is now in her golden jubilee, pursuing ways and avenues to make her own dreams become a reality.

What’s next for NaElla? 
Aside from the EP, we have also started a Gospel Choir. It has always been one of our dreams to run a Youth Gospel Choir of our own as we have been part of many choirs over the years. We are currently part of our church choir in which we perform in every week. Over the past two years, we have gained insight into running a choir, having been given the opportunity to teach the junior choir at our church. We are hoping to gain more experience with an older age group. If you’re 18+ and would like to join or find out more, please send an email to It would be wonderful to create a platform that people from different walks of life, can come together, through the means of one common interest – music!

Check out ‘In A Place’, the latest single from NaElla on Youtube and Soundcloud, April 3rd @ 7pm. Like their Facebook page to keep up to date with future shows and singles! 

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