Hello London

What a crazy few months. Moved from Liverpool to London (again) on a month’s notice. Not bad going. This post is going to be all about my visit to Camden with my mum who, shortly after the move, came to visit!


London is open

Camden, where it’s impossible to feel left out because there are no rules to fit in. I adore Camden and, when on a limited cash supply, find it brilliantly agonising walking around the market looking at music, food and clothes.

Lots and lots of clothes.

Twit twooooo

I ended up trying on a dress in one of the markets (over my jeans & t-shirt) which would have normally sent me into a hyper insecure panic but hey, it’s Camden. The dress was lovely but I wanted one of everything so opted for a day when I had more time to make important decisions about colour matching. Instead, my mum (who was my co-pilot for the day) and I headed to ChinChin Labs for an ice cream.

Toppings galore

ChinChin Labs has been going for a few years now and my first experience was a corona and lime ice cream a couple of years ago. This time, I watched them concoct a passionfruit sorbet with a little chocolate cake underneath in a big vat of liquid nitrogen.

Big vats of liquid nitrogen

I was unsure about the combo, even saying to my mum ‘I’m really not sure the about this combo’ while eating it, but boy, was I wrong.


The tanginess of the passionfruit and cut through the richness of the cake perfectly. Considering I was constantly flitting between great combo and hmmm not sure, my current need for it back in my life suggests it definitely works. My mum had the coconut and lime, which reaffirmed her beliefs that Chin Chin Labs is a must when she’s in London.


Other than eat ice cream, we had a wander around the lock to soak up the sun and sat on the ‘beach’ in the Roundhouse. We also took a trip to the comic book store which, if you’re a comic book fan, I highly recommend. We bought some Suicide Squad comics for my cousin and had no idea what to get, but, were pointed in the right direction by an excellent assistant in the store.

Not sure what was going on but treeeeees

The beach at the Roundhouse was great, too. We watched some of the olympics and ate some beautiful food from the market stall. Unfortunately, we did have to endure a very drunk woman being obnoxious and judgemental (not concurrent with the Camden vibes) but I’m pretty sure we were just very unlucky in that respect. I’m pretty sure if you go, she will not be there shouting ‘BUT DAHHHHHHLING, OH MY GODDDD, LIKE, WHAT THE F**K SERIOUSLYYYYYYY’.

Highlight – Little kid who kept dipping his afro in the sand much to the dismay of his mum. He was awesome. I hope he is there when you go.


All in all, you should go to Camden when it’s sunny. It’s a judgement free, delicious and happy place to go. Regent’s park is a stone’s throw away and, as long as you’re prepared to walk slow (there’s too many people to nip through speedily) you’ll have a brilliant time.
What are your experiences of Camden? Every time I’ve been I’ve had a similar ‘yay’ feeling, but, I’m interested to hear if anyone has anything different?
I’m sure it’s different if you live there, too! Leave a comment and let’s chat!

Peace & love, always.

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