I Was On TV!

On June 1st I washed my hair an hour before arriving at Bay TV Liverpool for an acoustic performance of my own songs. It was 55 minutes before this performance I realised I had thrown out my hair dryer the day before due to questionable sparks and fears for my safety.

Accurate portrayal of my hair drying attempts

Panicking (and now sweating due to nerves and panic), I was unable to put on my makeup for 15 minutes until I had cooled down. It was at this point I realised I would need to get a taxi as my original plan to bus it would make me late. Doh.

Stressing out right down to the wire, I made it to the sunny studios of Bay TV with minutes to spare. Mission accomplished. I then had to wait 20 minutes anyway because they were delayed. Mission unnecessary. However, it was a very handy delay as it meant I got to sit in their little garden area, soaking up some rays and drying my damp hair. All whilst practicing my songs. It was quite a successful afternoon and I hadn’t even done anything yet!

As soon as I got in to Bay TV, the guys set me up and we recorded the songs. Everyone was super friendly and supportive, so it was nice to have some kind faces behind the scary cameras!

Here’s the finished result, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Peace & love, always

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