Shiverpool: Auld City Tour Review

Last Saturday, my partner and I finally went on the Shiverpool tour we’d had booked for months. The day had been an absolute scorcher, so I was pleased when we had a mild tropical shower to accompany our spooky evening in the sunshine.

Auld City Shivers was the name of the tour and, though you are very aware of the two fake-blooded-face-painty-over-the-top actors, you soon feel at ease! Despite being the focal point of everyone you walk past, you don’t really feel too silly. More like you’re in a special little crew and everyone else is just super jealous because they’re not- a credit to the actors who run the tours.

Personally I loved the Auld City tour and, living just around the corner, found it fascinating to hear the history of buildings I walk past every day. I would absolutely recommend anybody to go. I used the Radio City Vouchers and got it 2 for 1 which was great value for money, too!


Now here’s the only downside and, while it is nothing to do with the tour company itself (hence the double space gap), it had a big effect on our evening.

The group.

The group of people you are with is, unfortunately, incredibly important. At the very end of the tour, a few people were selfish enough to spoil it a bit for others by thinking they were either a) really funny or b) being cool.

They were neither of the above and were in fact, incredibly annoying. To the point where our guide actually broke character (which she had tried so hard not to do) to ask one of them to stop what they were doing. I have a feeling even if she had asked him to leave, he wouldn’t have moved. He was just that type of person.

Of course, my main take away won’t be these attention seeking irritants, but the memory will always have “Hey, remember these guys?” in bold somewhere in the top right hand corner.

Despite all that, I would still highly recommend the Auld City Shivers and will be booking myself onto the Hope Street tour at some point in the near future. The actors were incredibly entertaining and handled everything thrown at them (including the weather) with grace, humour and dynamism.

Cheers to you two.

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