Silver Birch Press – Starting To Ride Series

The lovely editors at Silver Birch Press have kindly published a poem of mine on their website. The theme of this series is ‘Starting To Ride’ and encourages writing about your first experiences riding a bike.

I vaguely remember learning to ride, though I fear it may not have happened the way I am imagining it! It’s nice to know that, from what my brain has pieced together, I was able to write a poem that has now been published on Silver Birch Press.

If you would like to read the poem, please click here. Or above, because I put a link there too.

If you have any poetry of a similar vein then please do link below as I’d love to read it. I would encourage everyone to take a look at the others poems in the series, too, as there are some lovely words.

Peace & love.


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