A Word On Spoilers (there’s none in this post)

Just don’t be that guy. Seriously.

Saying ‘This won’t spoil it, but…’ and then proceeding to tell me something about the thing that I haven’t yet seen is, spoiler alert, a spoiler. 
You have made me experience something second hand and, therefore, somewhat ruined it. Maybe ruined is a strong word. But it really irritates me.
The other day, I told someone I don’t like Superman but was going to watch Batman VS Superman anyway and they decided to just tell me the ending.
“Well, you don’t like Superman so I can tell you this *SSSSSPPPPOOOOOIIIIILLLLEEEERRRRR*” 


Obviously, I am aware there are far more important issues in the world than freakin’ spoilers, but it’s GoT night and the Independent, a NEWS OUTLET, just gave me a mini spoiler and it’s Monday. So sorry for being a little tetchy. 

Independent, your reach is huge guys and you don’t need the internet points so just chill out for a sec, okay?
My reach is no where near any kind of relevancy, but I am prepared for a multitude of spoilers to head my way just in case. Probably from trolls who get their attention that way. 
But this is not a post for the trolls. They know what they’re doing. This is for the people who say ‘Oh, I won’t spoil it, but that ending, WOW’. Don’t make me anticipate something! I spend the whole time waiting for something to happen that, inevitably, is incredibly underwhelming because of the anticipation. 
I know you don’t mean it and, I know you’re just excited, but please, if I say ‘I haven’t seen/read/heard it yet’, just leave it at that. 
I’ll come and find you when I’m ready. 


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