A Weekend Without Water

Last weekend sucked. Not because it was predominantly rainy. Not because Liverpool only managed a draw against West Ham (at home). Nope. It sucked because we had no water in our flat. 

Like, zero. Switched off at the mains, zero. 

It happened Thursday night when I walked past the bathroom and noticed that the toilet was going off on one refilling. I decided to check it out and, low and behold, there was a huge puddle in the bathroom. I immediately ran to the living room to tell my partner Joey, when low and behold, the carpet adjacent to the bathroom was wet. My lovely, sort of new carpet. Oh joy.

I started freaking out but luckily Joey, whose brain was switched on and not in melt down mode, turned the water off from the mains. Everything stopped and got a little bit calmer and we managed to pull up the carpet and dry everything off as best as we could. 

After a trip to the shops for bottled water, we thought we were set for the night and would be back up and running by the next evening. 


We smashed through the water like it’s nobody’s business and, come Friday morning, found out we couldn’t get a plumber until 11am Monday morning. 

Again, this doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal. Until the kicker. Our bathroom is one of those modern, concealed deals that whilst looking pretty swish, is actually a huge pain in the ass. This is because to get to the plumbing/cistern you have to SMASH THROUGH A WALL in the living room. Yes, that’s what we were so casually told. 

“Yeah, you just have to smash through the wall.” 


What could have been a £50 job was now in the hundreds because they have to SMASH THROUGH A WALL to get to the job in question. 

In a way, this post is a plea for all bathroom designers to please allow easy access to the plumbing for when things inevitably go wrong. And that’s not ‘smash through a wall’ easy, I’m talking ‘little removable panel‘ easy.

Monday morning came around after a weekend of showering at the gym & constantly underestimating how much water we use. The plumber, thankfully, didn’t have to smash through the wall (like the previous handyman did when it happened six months ago), but he did have to take the whole ledge off of the bathroom side. It was still a pretty griefy job and has cost more than it really should have, but the really annoying thing is that this only happened because the previous person didn’t do the job properly. 

The plumber told us that the previous fix was a temporary solution, leaving a balancing act of plumbing stuff (technical term?) on a piece of wood. Obviously, this fell and the whole ordeal began. 

So, if you are renting, I would highly advise making sure that any repairs being done in your flat are done properly by a professional in that field. If you can’t, then keep any evidence/receipts/written correspondence just in case something like this happens to you in the future! It could save a lot of hassle in the long run as, I’m sure there’s some liability here, but we have no way of proving it. 

Ah well. 

Every cloud…

If anything, this no-water-experience has taught me two things:

1) When forced to go to the gym to shower, you end up doing a workout when you get there whether you want to or not. It seems silly not to. As a result, I am going to apply this more often and force myself to go to the gym. If I get there and still can’t be bothered, I’ll do some stretches and go home. But I’m hoping most of the time I’ll just do a little workout anyway because why not? 

2) We use a loooooot of water. I went to the shop in the evening, bought 14 litres and thought that’ll do for tomorrow. Wrong. We were out of water before lunch time. It’s really made me consider how much water I use and how much is necessary to use. Now the water is switched back on, I’m continuing with my reduced water usage and applying as much care and thought into it as I do recycling!

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