My Local Finds in Liverpool

Okay so I know I was meant to write this a while ago but, better late than never, right?!
I’m going to be reviewing a few of my favourite items from the little Find My Box Christmas present I received due to the mix up a while back.
First up, some delicious soap from The Soap EmpireThis baby powder soap, whilst lovely smelling, is incredibly strong on the perfume side. I’ll see if that lasts with use or whether it calms itself down, but the website promises a whole host of beautiful smells (um, soap flavours?) so I’d be tempted to get a few more provided this one goes well.
Next up is this awesome keyring from WotMaLike, stating the obvious & looking great. The typography on all of their stuff is really cute and there are lots of really nice things in the shop, including wooden signs, mugs & tea towels! I might even grab this tea towel in honour of Scouse day coming up soon… 
This is probably my favourite item from the whole box, a Superlambanana charm! I have been looking for a charm for my bracelet for sooooo long and this couldn’t have come at a better time. It was a little fiddly to attach but that’s just because it’s not a clip on and I’ve been spoilt by previous charms, ha! 
It’s a really sweet item and, though it comes in lots of different colours, I’m really glad I got the silver one. It looks so slick! 
 In addition to all the goodies, Find My Box filled up the whole thing with sweets!
(they were delicious)
Finally, these lovely little magnets are a great addition to my wall and would look great on any fridge/wall/desktop situation imaginable 🙂

Let me know if you get any gems from the local shops, I’d love to hear about more places to try out! 

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