My ‘Find My Box’ Story

Hey! 🙂

In case any of you don’t know, @findmybox are an awesome team who fill a box full of locally sourced treats and then hide it somewhere in Liverpool for anyone (who tweets) to find! The goodies range from sweets and jewellery to magnets and notepads and, this time, it was located in the Adelphi hotel. Being about 15 minutes from where I live, I thought this was a pretty awesome opportunity to actually win something. And I was right, sort of. 

I arrived at around 12.30pm on Saturday, pretty excited/nervous/embarrassed about asking a bunch of people about the box, but, went ahead and did it anyway. I asked a lady at one of the stalls and she said she had no idea what I was talking about but directed me to the lady running the fair who might have more of a clue! It turns out she did and, much to my disappointment, told me the box had already been picked up. 

As soon as I left, I tweeted @findmybox to tell them it had been picked up already and thought nothing more of it. Then, about two hours later, @findmybox tweeted me to tell me that it was still there and nobody had picked it up yet! I was shocked and quite disappointed if I’m being honest, as I had been told in no uncertain terms that it had already gone. The kind people at @findmybox were very understanding and told me that should nobody pick up the box, they would happily deliver it to me for the misunderstanding. About half an hour before the time limit was going to end somebody picked the box up but, to apologise for the mix up, @findmybox said they would like to give me a little something anyway! 

A week later, I met with a member of the team in the city centre and they handed me a little box full to the brim with lovely local treats! I’d like to thank them so much for what they do and also to the independent businesses who donate their goods. I will be reviewing them in detail in another blog tomorrow evening! With pics an all! 🙂

P.S. If you found the last box, tweet @findmybox to let them know!!! 

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