Wednesday Words: Anxiety

This week’s poem is a reflection on my experiences with anxiety. It’s short but not so sweet and is a feeling that everyone has felt at one point to some extent or another. 

I tried to capture the feeling of helplessness and exhaustion that comes with anxiety, not particularly pleasant but equally as valid as joy and vigour! 

If you, too, have experience with anxiety then please let me know what you think, I would love to hear your comments. And even if you haven’t, I would love your perspective 🙂

I’ll try and think of something a little more uplifting for the next ‘Wednesday Words’ but, in the mean time, enjoy… 



Little errors
Little errors
One big mess.
Little errors
Little errors
Nothing left. 
Little errors
Little errors
Lead me to
Black and white nightmares
Cheap, plastic chairs

And anxious TV static.

Charlotte Lynch

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