10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Today, I was woken up at 8.30am by loud, window-beating rain. It is currently 1pm and it has literally not stopped. 

On days like this, being stuck inside can get a bit cabin fever-y. I’ve been in my flat all week because the summer school I work at is closed and I’ve been absolutely fine. Then the one day it’s raining, I decide I want to be out there instead of stuck inside. 

I think it’s because you don’t get a choice when it’s raining. I’m happy being inside as long as I have the option of going outside. Of course, I still can go out in the rain but my umbrella is broken and it’s guaranteed to be an unpleasant experience, so, why would I?

As a result, I’ve decided to compile a list of things for me (and you!) to do on grim and gloomy days that soak you through.

1) Play a video game
I absolutely love playing games and it’s a great way to spend a few hours, getting completely engrossed by a storyline and being actively involved in it. My favourite games to play on rainy days are Fallout 3 (soon to be 4, yes!), the Batman games and Fable(s) too. 

2) Read a book
Reading is incredibly relaxing. I’m currently ambling through Amy Poehler’s ‘Yes Please’ and so fat it’s fantastic. I also read the Batman comic ‘Death of the Family’ the other day and it blew me away. Even if you don’t like comics, I’m sure you could appreciate this one. 

Bonus points if you run yourself a bubble bath and grab a hot chocolate/glass of wine, depending on how long this rain has been hammering away. 

3) Tidy your room/flat/house
Yep, it’s boring. Yep, it’s got to be done. You may as well do it now rather than wasting a beautiful, sunny day by being indoors hoovering and wiping and washing. 

4) Play around with outfits and/or makeup
This is a great time to experiment, gals and guys, with your wardrobe. You can even have a clear out if you want to go all out. Just have a look through and see if there’s something you’ve maybe forgotten about and see how you could fit it in with your current ensembles of choice. 

If you are thinking about having a clear out, I’d recommend going through and looking at what you do and don’t wear. Anything that you don’t wear, turn the hanger the other way round. That way, if you don’t wear it in six months to a year, it will still be in your wardrobe the wrong way round and you can make an informed decision on whether to take it to a charity shop. My boyfriend did this and found quite a few things he didn’t wear for ages, gave them to charity and eventually bought new things that he did like and currently wears!

As for makeup, just try new things! Don’t normally wear eye shadow? Get up a youtube tutorial and try it out. Not sure if a lipstick works? Try it on with different outfits and see if it goes. There’s lots of different things you could try/practice and you might even get some great blog material and instagram pics, ha! 

5) Do some writing
If you’re a blogger then the obvious thing to do would be write a blog! If not, there are lots of other ways you can write. Here are some great ideas to get you started! If you don’t want to write fiction, why not write a letter to somebody or start a little diary. Anything to get your creativity flowing can only be a good thing. 

6) Look for a job
I know this sounds a bit boring and, you may well have a job, but I don’t think it ever hurts to just have a look at what’s out there. You never know what you might find and, even if you’re happy in your current job, you may find something that would make you even happier. If not, then you know you’ve got a pretty sweet life at the minute job-wise so there’s no need to worry! 

7) Start learning something new (language, skill, instrument)
Why not take this opportunity to turn a write-off kind of day into something hugely productive. If you’re going on holiday in the next few months, why not get a head start on some of the common phrases you might need to know? 

Is there a skill that would help you get ahead in your job? Maybe take this as an opportunity to learn or at least look up what you need to do for that skill. It could be you’re in marketing and want to know how to use SEO, or you’re a video editor and want to learn a bit about motion graphics, or you’re working behind a bar and want to learn a few cocktails; anything that you think is relevant and helpful, go for it!

Or, if all of the above doesn’t sound too appealing, grab that old guitar/violin/keyboard/recorder/pair of spoons and get jammin’! Even if you don’t have an instrument to hand you can still go online and play around with a virtual keyboard, just have fun with it 🙂 

8) Plan for a sunny day
What’s the next best thing to a gloriously sunny day? Planning what you’ll do on that gloriously sunny day! Research parks to go to, events that are happening soon, lovely gardens to grab a drink in, anything and everything that’ll get you excited about life rather than glum about the grey skies. 

9) Watch a film
Close the curtains and ignore the weather. Put a film on that you’ve been meaning to watch but not got round to, or something that always cheers you up. What’s great about films is that you can even do one of the above while watching it, if you’ve got a bit of a short attention span like me.

10) Whatever ‘thing’ you’ve been putting off doing
Need to do your tax return? Sorry buddy, I feel ya, but now is probably a good time to get started, right? No? 
No you’re right, nobody is that organised with their tax returns. Stupid idea. 

Do you need to fix that chair you broke three weeks ago and have avoided fixing it because there are other chairs to sit on? Would it not be nicer to have all of your chairs functioning properly?… 

Do you need to do exercise? I got to a point where I had put off exercise so much I was embarrassed about starting again. But, now is the perfect time to do it! In the comfort of your own home with nobody judging you. I like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred because it’s only half an hour (including warm up and cool down), there are three different levels of difficulty and it doesn’t require a lot of space. They do use hand weights in the video but if you’re just starting out you don’t particularly need them. Or you could just use water bottles, it’s up to you! 

I hope this inspires you to do something productive on this miserable day! Leave a comment and let me know what lovely, fruitful things you’ve done! 🙂

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