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For those of you that don’t know, as well as the occasional blog writer, I’m a singer/songwriter! 

I’ve got music online and frequently play gigs in and around my hometown of Liverpool. You might even catch me busking one day! 

I wasn’t sure whether to keep my blog life and music life separate, but, decided that it would be good if they at least linked so you guys know what’s going on. I have separate social media sites for my music, which I’ll link at the bottom, but am going to somehow merge everything in the future so that Charlotography is a hub of music, fashion, art, reviews and lovely things. 

I teach singing in Liverpool for anybody who is interested and am always looking for gigs so drop me a line on if you are looking for a singer 🙂


My blog and I are now on Bloglovin’ so if anyone wants to follow us, you can! 

Bloglovin link!

For now, here are all the other links to my music in case you would like to listen to what I do:


Let me know what you think if you do have a little listen to my stuff, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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