Wednesday Words: Growing Up

I was ambling through twitter posts when I cam across the Zusterschap twitter. I immediately went onto their blog to find out this month’s theme so I could ponder for a few days before submitting an article, but, something came to me instantly. Over the next half an hour I wrote a little poem that I quite like so thought I would share with you.

I will be submitting a blog post to the brilliant Zusterschap in good time, but for now I leave you with this little aptly named piece.


Growing Up

Growing up is finding yourself when you never thought you were lost

Growing up is taking control no matter what the cost

Growing up is seeing your reflection and realising upon inspection

That growing up is nothing more than dignified deflection 

Growing up is looking down and counting lucky stars 

Growing up is over our heads and rationing our hearts

Growing up can never dream, with even sleep a thoughtless stream

Growing up is nothing more than a weary child the world made sore

Growing up is taking us to places undiscovered

Growing up is saying no despite the will of others 

Growing up is not so bad, makes sense when you believe

That growing up is nothing more than all the years you’ve seen

Walking hand in hand throughout the life you’re yet to lead.

Charlotte Lynch

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