Bounce Below: Jumping Around… In A Cave

Bounce Below is trampolining quite unlike any trampoliney situation I have ever experienced. The whole premise is you do your jumping around and whatnot… in a cave. 

Sounds counterintuitive, I know. 

Add to that you are jumping between three separate levels connected by slides and ladders, you’re onto a surefire oddball of a winner. 

The cave walls are grimy and there is a questionable moisture in the air, but as soon as you step onto that first, fluorescent trampoline you’re taken to a whole new level of bouncy fun. 

The colours are awesome and look so pretty when they’re whizzing past your flailing self. There’s an observation deck trampoline where you can watch people zip lining below you. There’s even a chill out area in case you’re worn out from all that accidental exercise.

It’s seriously impressive.

I would recommend wearing long sleeve tops and trousers, as if you have any skin exposed you have to wear a jumpsuit. Reviews I’ve read say the jumpsuits are not the nicest of items so cover yourself up to avoid them! 

As well as this, I would highly recommend tucking your shirt into your trousers/jeans if you can. This is because going down the slides, whilst seems fine at the time, can actually give you some pretty gnarly rope burn. Two people I went with got huge red marks down their back due to the skinny slides rubbing. I did feel uncomfortable as I slid down at first, but once I’d tucked my top in had no issues whatsoever. 

The helmets get washed by you as you walk out, so they are clean but can feel a bit grim because they’re still slightly damp. You soon forget about that when you’re running around inside though!

It’s £20 per person for an hour and believe me it’s well worth every penny. I couldn’t have done any more than an hour so it’s a really well thought out, organised activity. There are photos you can buy afterwards but we opted not to.

One last word of advice, when they flash your lights for you to get out, run to the top! My boyfriend and I did, slid and bounced our way to the bottom, took the somewhat gruelling climb back to the middle and still weren’t the last ones back. 

It’s a really fun day afternoon for friends and families alike, especially when followed by a well earned fish and chips! 

Have you been to Bounce Below? What did you think of the three tier, neon jumpathon? Let me know in the comments! 

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