Facing Fears: Zip World Velocity

There were three main activities we did in Wales on our four day break:

  • Snowdon
  • Zip World Velocity
  • Bounce Below
You can read my thoughts on climbing Snowdon here, but right now I’d like to have a brief chat about the terrifying thought of flying through the air at 100mph. 

Yep. 100mph. 

Fortunately, my diminutive stature meant that I did not reach those speeds. Unfortunately, it meant that they needed to add more weight just to get me down the wire – equally as frightening. 

On arrival you see groups of red jumpsuit wearing punters wandering about, an equal mix of excitement and terror distributed amongst them. If like me you are absolutely terrified, you will spend an anxious half hour trying to distract yourself from the looming zip lines, the first of which is the ‘Little Zipper’.

This is a small, introductory zip line intended to give you a taster of what the ‘Big Zipper’ will be like. It’s supposed to give you confidence. 

It did not. 

The fastest part of this zip line is actually at the end when you are going to come to a halt, making you feel like you can’t stop. I was told not to break (putting your arms in a T shape) because of my size but ended up panicking and breaking anyway.  


One of the assistants overheard me talking about putting my arms up when I shouldn’t and she strongly advised me not to next time. This is because on the bigger zip line, if you break when told not to, you could stop before you reach the end and dangle for about twenty minutes while the pros try to get you down. Not fun.

Once you’re suitably shaken after the Little Zipper, it’s time to head to the Big Zipper. To get there you are driven up in a little off road vehicle, quarry history booming over the single speaker in the corner of the off road cart-type-bus-thing. It’s a very interesting talk and a lovely way to hear about the quarry you are about to fly over…

You get to the top and there’s a tiny bit of waiting around but other than that it’s fine. It’s a lot less scary than the little one and doesn’t really feel like a roller coaster; my stomach flipped once but that was more nerves than anything. I braced myself for a horribly abrupt slow down at the end before frantically grabbing for the shepherd’s crook, but didn’t feel anything. It all happened so quickly and smoothly: I slowed down nicely, looked for the person with the crook and grabbed onto it with ease, dangling for a bit while they got me down. Once you’re done they send you over to the safe zone where you can wait for your friends and head back together. 

All in all, it’s a really great experience. It’s pricey (£60 per person), but you get the two zip lines, quarry tour and they send you a video via text and email of your experience. Speaking as a person who hates roller coasters and all manner of unnecessarily terrifying things, I would definitely recommend it. I’m so glad I did it but I’m not in a hurry to do it again. You can even opt out after the Little Zipper but, honestly, that was the more scary of the two and if you’ve done that you can certainly do the big one!

Let me know if you’ve been on the zip line and what your experience was! Did you find the Little Zipper scarier than the Big Zipper too? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 

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