Camping Pods: ‘Glamping’ in North Wales

We stayed at the Tanyfron Campsite in these pods and I have to say, camping is a breeze when you’re in a pod. I’ve never actually been camping camping before, so I can’t really compare, but I’m pretty sure this has set me up with some unrealistic expectations for the future. 

My partner and I shared a family pod as our other friends had booked the two smaller ones. It was slightly more expensive per night (£35 as opposed to £30) but we really enjoyed that extra little bit of space. It meant that we could half unpack, have a few things lying around and not feel incredibly stressed out by the mess because there was still enough room. It was also good for having people round, as our party of 6 all fit comfortably inside (once we moved the airbed out of the way) to have a few drinks and play some card games! 

There were showers, sinks for washing up and toilets all down by the B&B, less than a minute away from the pods. Then, in case that was too much of a walk, there was a “night bathroom” at the entrance of the pod area where you could use the sink/toilet. Waking up for an early morning wee isn’t quite as bad when you have this view from your windows…

There was also this tree.

It really looks like crazy eyes and a moustache

There was a bench outside each of the pods so, whether you’re in a group or on your own, you have your own space to have some food/chill out. The view from these on a good day is absolutely sensational. 

All in all, it’s a beautiful location that is definitely worth a visit. It’s an easy car trip to Snowdon, a little out of the way for the super duper zip line but not too bad and close enough to Bounce Below. Staff were really friendly and I had an absolutely lovely time there. My only criticism is that the pods get quite warm and I woke up feeling a bit stuffy in the morning. But, if you don’t mind noise while you sleep, opening the window is an easy fix for this. We did this for one night and it worked a treat! Either way, I would definitely recommend it!

Let me know if you’ve been/if you’re going, I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 

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