Wales: Beautiful Mountains, Blisters & Barely Making It

Climbing a mountain after six hours of sleep and four hours of travelling is not something that I would normally choose to do, but for some reason did.

My partner and I travelled down to Shrewsbury in the morning to be picked up and driven to Snowdon by the early afternoon. We got changed in the back of the car, packed our water and sandwiches and set off up Watkin Path

Oh. My. God. 

Lesson number one, do not decide to dabble in the art of weight lifting the day before climbing Snowdon. It’s really not worth it. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I had no idea what was coming. Otherwise I might have just curled up on the floor and cry-rolled my way back down.

Lesson number two, don’t be a hero if you are at least six inches smaller than the rest of the group. I decided, rather foolishly, to lead the pack at one point. It was, again, really not worth it. Yes, you do get mild satisfaction knowing that nobody can see your tomatoey, sweat covered face, but you tire your tiny self out and end up lagging behind later on. Not worth it. 

Lesson number three, embrace the Gollum. Towards the end of the climb there will be a bit where you feel like you are in Lord of the Rings, climbing up the side of a crumbly mountain and feeling sweaty, dirty and gross because you are sweaty, dirty and gross. It’s okay. 

Lesson number four, wear shoes that are comfortable and you have already worn in. Seriously. I thought it would be a great idea to wear hiking boots, which it is, if you don’t get them the day before and wear them for the first time going up a mountain. One and a half hours in I had two blisters on one foot and a mega, solo one on the other. This was purely down to my lack of preparation/idiocy and can easily be avoided. 

Lesson number five, wear workout clothes! I didn’t and it is easily one of the bigger regrets I have. If I would have had the flexibility of yoga pants and ventilation of a sports bra my life would have been so much easier that afternoon. Instead I was wearing clothes that were airy but also that I kind of liked and didn’t want to ruin. This was, once again, lack of preparation and idiocy

All of this seems like common sense, I know, and I apologise if I offend you with my lack of it but I just really didn’t think about how hard it might be. I did however do one thing right and that was to have a super stretch party for one when we got back. My muscles thanked me for it the next day. 

As a wise, young man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

Some of the views are astonishing.

More blogs about Wales & where we stayed & what else we did (zip lines and cave trampolining) during the week! 🙂 

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