‘Prefer Not to Say’ – A Review

Walking through Whitby Park on a sunny evening is pleasurable enough as it is; heading to see Thought Plane Theatre in action makes it even more so. The fact that there were tea, biscuits and 5ive playing through the speakers on arrival was an absolute bonus, too.

Their latest production ‘Prefer Not to Say’ is a wonderful piece on how we view ourselves and others in today’s society. Based around an ‘Application for Sarah’, we journey together as performer and audience to find out who Sarah is, or more specifically, who the optimum Sarah is. There are so many labels and boxes to tick that, in the end, we may lose sight of what is real and what is happening. The here and now. We may limit ourselves to fit certain criteria that we or others have placed upon us. We may exaggerate and diminish ourselves. We may prefer not to say.

The play is funny to the point of tears and subtle in its core message, leaving you to think about questions posed rather than giving you an opinion to run with. One theatre-goer stated that it’s thought-provoking nature left her more aware of labelling not only herself but those around her. Whether it was the intention or not. 

would urge everyone to go and see their latest work ‘Prefer Not to Say’ if and when possible. I may just join you.   

Formerly blueDragonfly Productions, Thought Plane are a theatre company based in the North West of England creating devised, interactive work that takes itself very seriously.

And it’s boss. 

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